Daz disses Tupac in new interview     

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7/18/2003 12:49:22 PM
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Daz disses Tupac in new interview
"Why don't me and you go in the room, you know what I mean?" ....
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ThaFormula: Now why didn't Sam Sneed ever drop an album on Death Row?

Daz: East Coast/West Coast shit, man, and he had a tumor 'cause Tupac and them beat the fuck out of him. That's why he got a tumor and damn near died. He quit. We had a meeting one day right after we got shot at and so Tupac said said to Sneed, "You just shot a video, right?" So he said, "Yeah." Pac said, "Well, we're gonna sit down and see if any West Coast motherfuckers is in there and each time we see an East Coast motherfucker, we're gonna knock you in your motherfucking head." So every time they would see an East Coast dude, they would kick him in the ass and Bud'da, you know the producer, he's a bitch too 'cause he sat there and watched Sam Sneed get beat up, didn't say shit.

What would you gave done in that situation, Daz?

I would have got up and whooped somebody's ass. I had guns, so I wasn't worried about what they were doing. Me and Nate Dogg were the only ones that would be strapped up in that motherfucker, 'cause when we would have a meeting it would be Bloods and Crips in there, so it's like shit, if we get to fighting up in this motherfucker, just start shooting and run towards the door. And then you know Kurupt and Tupac got into it once. Tupac was gonna whoop the shit out of Kurupt in Cancun. Tell somebody to ask Kurupt, "Was Tupac gonna beat your ass and Daz and Nate Dogg saved you from getting your ass whooped from Tupac and them?"

What exactly went down with that?

We got into the room and Kurupt had a Hennessey bootle. He was drunk and then the bottle hit the motherfucking table and all the other shit. So Tupac was like, "We're doing business here." So Kurupt was like, "Blah, blah, blah," and you know, being hard 'cause we were there. And then Tupac was like, "You know what, Kurupt? I'll rent a room right now and I'll beat your ass in there right now." Then he said, "You know what? I'm gonna get my homies the Outlawz," and that's when we stepped in like, "Nigga, you ain't gonna get nothing, nigga." So then I told him that and then me and Tupac got into it just for that second and I told him, you know, 'cause I'm helping Kurupt, I tell Tupac, "Why don't me and you go in the room, you know what I mean?" Then Suge and them jump in and then that's when it was on right after after that and then Tupac and them was only in the studio and at home. We're in the studio, streets, doing every motherfucking thang.

Perhaps if Daz made some music worthy of purchasing he could afford to live in a home instead of the streets.
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