Soopafly Talks About 2Pac In Interview     

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By Paul Russell
10/29/2002 11:33:33 AM
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Soopafly Talks About 2Pac In Interview
Soopafly Talks on 2Pac, Deathrow, Kurupt and albums he's currently working on
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BallerStatus Recently interviewed Soopafly & he spoke about 2Pac, Deathrow, Kurupt & much more, here's what he had to say about Tupac

Did you work with Tupac?

Yea, me and Daz did alot fo production for "All Eyez on Me". We did Ambitionz Az a Ridah, Ain't Mad at Cha, Nuttin but a Gangsta Party.

What was it like working with Pac?

It was cool. He was cool. Right before he came to Deathrow, everything was dying out. When Pac came he relit the flame musically. Right outta jail, he wanted to work. He worked really hard.

First off just wanna say thanks for the chance to interview you.

its cool, no prob

Where did you grow up?

Long Beach

How did you get into music and when did you decide to do it as a career?

When I was younger, my grandfather played alot of Jazz. I went to church and heard alot of music there. When I got my first keyboard, I really got into it. I started making my own little beats.

Who influenced you musically growing up?

Alot of people. Teddy Riley, Prince, Pete Rock. Pete Rock was the shit back in the day. Stevie Wonder, Erik Sermon was dope too.

When you got into the industry, you worked with Deathrow Records, How did you hook up with them?

I hooked up with Dr Dre. Started fucking with the keyboards, and started making beats for them. I worked alot with Daz. Me and Daz had a good relationship. I did alot of shit with Daz. I didn't get credit for the production I did cuz I wasn't signed with Deathrow then, but I did beats for Daz and he would pay me under the table.

Back then I didn't care about getting credit, I just wanted the money. I wanted to get paid for my work.

You left Deathrow, why and when did you leave?

In 1998, I left verbally. I filed for bankrupcty to get out of my contract. It took a couple years, but Im out.

From joining Deathrow and now signing with DoggyStyle, what freedom do you have now that you didn't with Deathrow?

I can RELEASE AN ALBUM!! (laughs) Ya know, I can say what I want and diss who I want. If I want to diss somebody, I'll diss them. I don't have to diss some one cuz someone else is dissing them. Yea, I can do want I want now. Me and Suge didn't get along, he's a blood. Ya know, Im crippin, We straight crippin over here.

I now get all my publishing rights. I work with my homies, its all family.

Yea I read the article in The Source, Snoop said he wanted to give you guys what he didnt have and treat his artists right..

Yea, Snoop went through shit with his publishing and he doesn't do it to us. He uses common sense and does business right.

I know you've worked with lots of artists, What artists would you like to work with?

Im working on La Toiya's album. We are trying to get Missy, Tweet, Puffy, The Neptunes. Thats for her album. As for my album, I'd like to work with Ludacris, Bennie Segal, Freeway, all the Roc family, Neptunes, The Clipse. Yea, they are all pretty dope.

What Projects are you working on now?

La Toiya's Album

When can we expect a solo album from you?

After Toiya's album

Have you done any tracks for your album?

Yea, we have worked on a few tracks, but they probably are gonna end up on a soundtrack. Ya know, I just wanna let people check my shit and get them ready for the solo album. Its gonna be something new. Its not the same old westcoast shit you hear, I REPEAT ITS NOT GONNA BE THE SAME OLD WESTCOAST SHIT.

Kurupt is now on Tha Row, What are your feelings toward Kurupt and all them?

Fuck Em!

So you don't get along with Kurupt at all?

Naw, Fuck Em! When I see Kurupt, it's scrapping on site.

So it's ON when you see him?

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