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Death Before Dishonor
Posted by Dave
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10/10/2006 5:48:39 AM
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Hip Hop DVD Profiles "Death Before Dishonor"
The hip hop documentary DVD is covering the topic of snitching amoungst rappers and their entourages.
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RuffNation Films Releasing announced today that its highly anticipated hip-hop documentary, “Death Before Dishonor” will be released November 7, 2006, nationwide on DVD through Vivendi Visual Entertrainment in partnership with Codeblack Entertainment. Uncensored, unrehearsed and unapologetic, director Peter Torres rolls camera as hip-hop’s biggest stars pledge their oaths to the streets most eminent mantra: Death Before Dishonor. This gritty documentary provides an unprecedented behind the scenes look at the ‘stop snitching’ movement that has gripped the nation, grabbing headlines in USA Today and the New York Times. Is Death Before Dishonor a streetwise code of loyalty or is it simply a mantra of solidarity amongst criminals? Torres provides a thorough analysis of the movement, the counter-campaign and hip-hop’s critical role in the controversial debate.
Is Rap superstar, “50 Cent” a snitch? Ja Rule lets loose in an exclusive interview, accusing 50 of having cops on his payroll.  The Game, Sheek Louch, Antoine Clark of FEDS Magazine and many others also weigh in on the multi-platinum selling artist’s street credibility. In a never-before-seen interview, Lil’ Cease responds to accusations that he snitched on Lil’ Kim. Should Busta cooperate with the NYPD?  What did former Wu-Tang Clan manager Lord Mike really tell the feds? Answers to all these questions are revealed here!
In addition to the exploration of hip-hop’s response to the stop snitchin’ movement, Torres visits neighborhoods in New York and Philadelphia, as well as community and government organizations, police, and FBI to gain their perspectives. High-profile cases from the saga of notorious mob snitch Sammy the Bull Gravango, to the tale of Harlem legend Guy Fisher are all highlighted, complete with commentary from noted journalists, intellectuals and other filmmakers. 
Riveting and realistic, “Death Before Dishonor” examines how the cocktail of entertainment and reality can prove fatal. Countless hip-hop celebrities are unwavering in their commitment to this code of honor and trust, even if the wage of loyalty is death…
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RNFR is a newly formed distribution subsidiary of RuffNation Films.  Founded in 1999, RuffNation Films is committed to creating cutting-edge urban, youth and music-oriented films for both the theatrical and DVD markets. Originally an extension of world-renowned RuffHouse Records, RuffNation Films became part of TriMedia Entertainment Group Inc. (otcbb:TMEG)  in 2002. TriMedia is an international multimedia entertainment company with a focus on developing entertainment content. The company produces films and recorded music on the DVD and CD formats. TriMedia is one of the pioneers in combining CDs and DVDs in one product.
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The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality of marketing, sales and distribution services. Its product is available to consumers at retailers nation-wide. V V E’s select product line features theatrical releases, DVD premieres, family, comedy, foreign, Latino, urban, and fitness. Studio partners include Bauer Martinez Distribution, Bodywisdom Media, Code Black Entertainment, Film Mates, First Independent Pictures, Freestyle, Lightning Entertainment, Melee Entertainment, New Light Entertainment, Palm Pictures, Rising Entertainment, Uwe Boll Productions, Voy Pictures, Walter Mercado and Xenon Pictures.
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Hip Hop DVD Profiles "Death Before Dishonor"
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