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Interviewed and written by Dave Frank
2/6/2006 4:10:55 PM
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Hip Hop Rap Legend E-40 Speaks To RapNews.net
Known as the ambassador of the bay, rap star E-40 speaks to RNN regarding his latest cd titled "My Ghetto Report Card."

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What did you do for money before you started rapping?

Before I started rapping, I didn’t make no money. I have been rapping since 7th grade, so if you call $21 a month working at Mickey D’s, not Mickey D’s, it wasn’t even Mickey D’s at the time. Washing walls with my mother at houses in Vallejo, and mopping the floors at a young age at Maggie’s Hamburgers while moms was working there. If you call that money, then there it is.

Your alias is E-40, what was your inspiration for the number 40?

Well my name is Earl, that’s my government name so there’s the “E” and cats was always calling me “E.” The 40 on there was because I would usually drink about 6 to 7 forty’s per day. Easily. Forty’s was like the shit back then.

What was your brand of choice?

Old English, Saint Ides, Lumpy Face, Mickey’s, Rainer, and 211 Steel Reserve.

Did you have an alias before E-40?


You have a new release in stores March 16th titled “My Ghetto Report Card”, can you describe the album?

My album is vintage E-40 with a new school twist.

How did you and Lil Jon come up with the idea to have him produce this cd?

I’m actually on Lil Jon’s label, BME distributed through Warner. We collaborated; we met up in the late 90’s and stayed in contact. Lil Jon by then a couple of years later took that world by storm and took over the industry. At the time when he did that, I was getting off of Jive Records, me and Jon came together like Siamese twins. He hollered at his folks, the whole BME click, everybody agreed and we started working the next day. So here we are making good music together.

How do you think Lil Jon has influenced this cd?

He has a vision and he knows that I have a certain sound that I got to make sure I kept on this album. Also a new-school sound. I can’t say new-school sound, its mixed up so its southern music that’s really world-wide music, now it’s a mixture so he made sure that I kept it authentic to my roots but also he made it where the album is gonna grab everybody also.

You said you met Lil Jon in the late 90’s, where did you guys meet each other?

I met him through my partner Too Short. Me and Too Short was doing a lot of things together, like concerts. Lil Jon a lot of the time was with him and we just stayed in contact and it was all gratified.

What other rappers are featured on your new album?

I got the whole Sick Wit It umbrella which is my label. We got Turf Talk, B-Legit, Mike Jones, Bun B, Pimp C, T-Pain, Mohegan, Lil Jon, and Juelz Santana. I got a gang of folks. The album ain’t bananas, its coconuts.

Are you planning on launching a tour to promote the new cd?

I believe the BME click is gonna to put together a tour and in the meantime I’ma stay visual, I’m gonna do a promo rush, I’m gonna be hittin every city.

Are any shows planned for Portland Oregon area?

Oh definitely. I think we gonna do a record release party out that way. One of my good friends who I really consider family would be Cool Nutz. Truly, truly real dude. He already put his bid in on a record release party out that way.

Do you think you have received recognition for your unique slang used by many?

Nah, no, not at all. But you know what, the trap, the soil, the gravel, the gutter, the inter-city. As long as they know, because they are the spokespersons who will give you the validated confirmation number that I am the undisputed king of slang. So as long as the ghetto know, it’s all good with me.

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