Tone Boots Calls 2Pac A 'Hater'     

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5/18/2005 8:11:59 AM
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Tone Boots Calls 2Pac A 'Hater'
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 The Argument

 Originally, no Tupac album scored in the top 10, while two Biggie albums did. The team felt that even if that's how the original voting went, it couldn't stand by the list without Tupac being on it (see the Ready to Die page for the debate on cutting one of Biggie's gems.) So which Tupac album should be included, All Eyez on Me or the Makaveli album (The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory)? Or none at all? There were a few holdouts who felt Pac didn't necessarily belong on this list of the greatest of all time ...
 Rahman Dukes: I'm against having the two Biggie albums on there. But if we take one of the Biggie albums off and put a Tupac on and say that the Tupac one is better than the Biggie one that we took off, then that was a lie, because I don't agree with that. The Tupac album is not better. I don't think that none of Tupac's albums are better than Biggie's.
 I used to mess with Pac like right up until "Juice." And then he started flipping on everybody from New York and I was just like ...
 Tone Boots: I feel the opposite — my problem wasn't him dissing New York, I just didn't like the songs he made before he got with Death Row, with the exception of joints like "Dear Mama" and "So Many Tears." I think he made corny records before that. He was an OK rapper and the sales proved it, because he did not go platinum until the controversy swirled around him going to prison and, even more so, after his move to Death Row.
 Sway Calloway: With all that controversy surrounding that album, that's when Pac was probably at the peak of his power, 'cause All Eyez is when he first came out of jail, and people were watching to see what he was gonna do after he was back. But by the time of Makaveli, that whole persona with Death Row and Suge ... for someone to come out on wax and attack the biggest artists, like Nas, Jay-Z and Puff, it didn't even matter, even old-school artists like De La Soul, and not care ... Not to mention the music, the tracks were ridiculous. I do definitely think Makaveli should be on this top 10.
 Dukes: I want to back up my claim before everyone jumps down my throat. My thing with him was that he was contradicting himself. And you know everybody is talking about Nas and how he contradicts himself. And you know I used to listen to Tupac and he was always on the pro-black thing and he had a lot of messages and I'm not saying he didn't have anything later in his raps. You know, how are you going to go pro-black to like ...
 Sway: He grew up. His life changed, he changed, he was shot.
 Bridget Bland: You can't discredit it. Just because he is contradictory, I don't think that can discredit his talent.
 Tone Boots: All I'm saying is he came off as a hater to me.
 Dukes: Exactly, that's what I'm saying.
 (Everybody starts yelling.)
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