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12/17/2004 3:19:23 PM
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Robert Reviews LTTG
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When Tupac was featured on the Digital Undergrounds – ‘Same Song’ the rap world and hip-hop culture changed. Everyone knew there was something special about Tupac.


His up bringing as a son of a Black Panther; the political stance his family took at the time, and his genius mind made for a unimaginable source for the spoken word.


When Tupac passed we lost more than a rap icon, we lost the man Tupac Shakur. And like others before him a voice of a generation was stilled.


Tupac’s music was one of his outlets to help guide the generation. Sure you can say he was a ‘gangsta rapper’ and over look the man; Tupac Shakur but the truth and knowledge that was in his flow and words, was and is timeless.


The latest release from Amaru / Interscope – ‘Loyal to the Game’ should not have been released. The album has many faults and I know that some will write this review off as just a naysayer hating on certain aspects of it.


Maybe you could see it that way if it were not Tupac Shakur we are talking about.


The beats on this album are weak at best. The whole flavor of Tupac’s music seems to have been changed. The flows don’t match the beats. The beats are ‘hollow’ without any background. That ‘marching band’ bass beat that has become so mainstream now is not a Tupac beat.


Unique the album is not. It is unique from a Tupac album perspective because it lacks quality.


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