One Brick at a Time Fundraiser     

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11/29/2004 11:15:30 AM
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One Brick at a Time Fundraiser
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Stone Mountain, Georgia is the home of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation Inc. (TASF). The TASF is now having a fund raiser; selling ‘bricks’ for the ‘One Brick at a Time Fundraiser’.


These ‘bricks’ will feature 3 lines of the buyers message and will be used to construct the Entrance walk way (phase 1), of the Tupac Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain.


Marble ‘bricks’ are also available that will be placed on ‘The Wall Of Respect’ in the Center.

You can buy your brick or donate to the fundraising for the Tupac Shakur Center for the Arts HERE.


Other Tupac news includes the new album by the late hip-hop icon, ‘Loyal to the Game’ that is due for release on December 14th. Bootlegging and piracy on the internet of the album have already angered many. And many fans are also enraged at the production and artist featured on the upcoming release. But all fans are ‘starved’ for ‘new’ Tupac so they will most likely settle for what they are offered.


Go to the 2Pac Legacy web site and support TASF and buy a brick and become part of a lasting memorial to one of not only the greatest rappers to grab a mic, but to a man who gave, taught and cared so much for us – his fans – Tupac Shakur.



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