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5/24/2004 12:49:15 PM
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DJ Wreck's Statement On His Tupac Diss Mixtape
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DJ Wreck has recently released a diss mixtape titled, "We Dont Fuck With 2Pac : Fuck You Part 2".

The mixtape contains a collection of 18 diss tracks, and freestyles, by East Coast artists who at one time dissed Tupac.

The mixtape features Tupac disses from Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, DMX, Mobb Deep, P. Diddy, Fugees, and Ja Rule.

Knowing the uproar this mix will cause amoung the Tupac fans I contacted DJ Wreck to see if he could tell me why now is this Tupac diss mix dropping.

Here is the statement he has released to me:

DJ Wreck's Statement:

“The 2Pac CD was not a personal diss.  It was to prove a point, and that was that some of todays artist try to exploit and profit off of 2Pac, by doing songs by taking his beats or taking old accapellas.  And they shout him out, etc.  But back in the day, those same catz was dissin him, and only changed their view because they did not want to loose fans or they wanted to gain fans.  I got the idea from a Snoop interview which he said the same thing, all of these catz rushing to get a 2PAC accapella, but back in the day 2Pac didnt mess wit u, and wouldnt do a song wit u if he were alive.  That's like Suge shouting out Biggie.  Also, the cd shows, that Pac was not just crazy and just dissin catz, which some people believe.  Some songs on this CD are unreleased, and u would not know that that artist ever dissed Pac.  Especially young boys, they do not even know what was really going on back then.  People today are trying to reshape history, but I just retold history how it really was.  PT 1 to the Fuck U series was a Best of 2Pac called "2Pac don't fuck wit U!"  So basically I gave both sides of the issue.  But this CD, and which is stated on the CD, this CD is "THE CD YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER DOESN'T WANT U TO HEAR!  So therefore do hard Pac fans still feel the same way about Lil Kim, Jay Z (which that song was done after he died), DMX, etc!

So in conclusion, I know hardcore Pac fans may be upset.  I personally didnot diss Pac, the artists did, eventhough I still like those artist. But, I think some artist still diss him, by shouting him out and exploiting the power of having a Pac verse.  Personally all I want to hear is a original Pac songs or remade Pac songs.  But on the flipside, people who do not like Pac would like the cd too, and everyone is not a hard Pac fan and will not take it hard.  But when the next someone says "Lil Kim never dissed Pac", u can say "Yes she Did, listen!"

It is a CD to have cause it is history! “


I appreciate DJ Wreck giving his side of this and maybe setting the 'record' straight on this sso it doesn't  get to twisted in the eyez of Tupac's many friends and fans.....Thanks to him for responding to me in and for this statement.

Below is a track list for DJ Wreck's Tupac Diss Mixtape:


01 - 2pac Intro
02 - A Dangerous MC (original version) - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac)
03 - Long Kiss Goodnight - Notorious B.I.G. feat. P. Diddy (dissin' 2pac)
04 - Dead or Alive pt. 1 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
05 - Brooklyn's Finest - Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' Faith)
06 - Big Momma Thang (original version) - Lil' Kim (dissin' Faith & Tupac)
07 - Phenomenon - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
08 - I Shot Ya (remix) - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
09 - Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac)
10 - Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac & Nas)
11 - 4321 - DMX (dissin' 2pac)
12 - DMX Freestyle (dissin' 2pac & West Coast)
13 - Ja Rule Freestyle (dissin' 2pac)
14 - Dead or Alive pt. 2 - Jay
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