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1/6/2004 4:30:26 PM
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Tha Realest Talks About Tupac & Ja Rule In Interview
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On Tha Realest web site , they have an interview which was done on New Years Day. It is a great interview. You can get filled in on what has been going on with him Here is part of that interview. Then click below to go to Tha Realest web site and finish reading it. “You've had some words for Ja Rule in "Check Out My Melody", and song from C-Bo's past album. What do you gotta say about that“?

Tha Realest: (Starts humming Check Out My Melody, laughing). “Man niggas think I hate Ja Rule or kill em on site. Ja, an artist being an artist, muthafuckas know when they do some shit they shouldn't do. When I'm fuckin with all these artists everyday, goin into different cities, and as an artist and as man, I question myself as to why he would do certain things, why would he rap Pac's song "Pain", word for word like a nigga ain't never heard that. "...they never take me alive I'm gettin high with my 4-5", I'm like nigga why would you even do that same beats, same rhymes, and throw that shit out there? Why would you rap over Dogg Pound's "Dogg Pound 4 Life" beat? And keep damn near half the song the way they had it, you know what I mean, flip the shit, if you're gonna use the same beats, flip the shit, I just felt it was disrespectful cause niggas over here in the westcoast trippin off that shit, I don't know how take it in the eastcoast, no disrespect to you niggas, niggas love New York and Jersey, what up to all my niggas in NY and Jersey, but niggas be like damn this nigga doin it like that, rappin over "So Many Tears" beat, damn nigga when's it gonna stop? I mean it's cool if that's the type of rapper you are, but I can't just go around hear the shit and not speak on the shit, so niggas think I'm just ridin on this nigga cause it's somethin to do, nah it ain't just somethin to do, niggas take that shit personal nigga, niggas out here love Pac homie, niggas gonna die with Pac homie, so when niggas do that shit, why not speak on that shit homie? I'm gonna speak on it. Now this nigga in interviews sayin "You wanna see Pac come back?", alright you Pac or somethin now? Niggas ain't tryin to be Pac homie, niggas out here thuggin my nigga doin they own thug shit. So when niggas speak on that shit like that, and I'm so called a real ass rider for this music and these streets and I don't speak on it, I'm a sucka ass nigga. Nigga I came from Death Row, ain't nothin changed, I just ain't on Death Row nomore, you know what I'm sayin, that's what's up”.

Click  HERE  to read the entire interview.

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