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12/10/2003 1:59:43 PM
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Exclusive-Interview With Makaveli Branded
The MAKAVELI BRANDED promotional mixtape is scheduled to be available in Mid February for the ALL STAR WEEKEND in Los Angeles, CA. I would like to thank DJ WARRIOR and THE CALI UNTOUCHABLES for all there support.
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Rap News Direct: First, thanks for taking time to talk with us.

Rick Edwards: Thanks for having me.

Rap News Direct: We recently interviewed DJ Warrior about the '2Pac Forever Mixtape', which is sponsored by Makaveli Branded clothing line. How did it come about that you got involved in sponsoring that?

Rick Edwards: Warrior reached out and told me his vision for the mixtape, we discussed utilizing the mixtape as a promotional tool for MAKAVELI BRANDED at Industry Tradeshows and Events.

Rap News Direct: Is Afeni Shakur directly involved in the design of the clothing? Does she give her approval before an item is produced?

Rick Edwards: Ms. Shakur approves all designs of MAKAVELI BRANDED.

Rap News Direct: The line has shipped to retail nationally, Has the reception been good?

Rick Edwards: Yes the reception has been good. We appreciate all the support from everyone.

Rap New Direct: We have a lot of visitors on our sites from the UK and other countries. Are there any plans to market Makaveli Branded in other countries?

Rick Edwards: Yes, the goal of MAKAVELI BRANDED is to become a global company.

Rap News Direct: Will mail order be available on your web site?

Rick Edwards: We will offer e-commerce on our site. Our fans/consumers can expect to order online in March of 2004.

Rap News Direct: About the web site; there is some confusion out there about the correct address; can you give us the correct web address, and tell us when the site will be up and running?

Rick Edwards: Our website is www.makaveli-branded.com. The site is scheduled to be up on Monday Dec 15th, 2003.

Rap News Direct: Is this basically a men's line or will there be women's and children's styles and sizes too?

Rick Edwards: We launched with initial focus being on the men’s division, with future plans of all categories of apparel (Women’s, Juniors, Shoes, and Accessories). YOUNG MAKAVELI is scheduled to be available for retail in March/April 2004.

Rap News Direct: Tupac had a style that varied a lot. From T to jerseys to Versace, is the line like that too? Is there casual wear and dress wear?

Rick Edwards: Yes, the line is consistent to Tupac’s look and style. MAKAVELI is an evolution of streetwear, activewear, and high end fashion.

Rap News Direct: Is there anything else you can tell us regarding the Makaveli Branded line or the mixtape by DJ Warrior?

Rick Edwards: The MAKAVELI BRANDED promotional mixtape is scheduled to be available in Mid February for the ALL STAR WEEKEND in Los Angeles, CA. I would like to thank DJ WARRIOR and THE CALI UNTOUCHABLES for all there support.

Rap News Direct: Is there anything that I have missed that you feel our visitors need to know?

Rick Edwards: All visitors and fans can see our first Tribute Campaign Advertisements for TUPAC consisting of LUDACRIS, CHINGY, and the entire D.T.P. FAMILY in the XXL and SOURCE MAGAZINE in the next upcoming months. I would like to give a special thanks to Chaka Zulu, Ludacris, Chingy, and the entire DTP Family. It is also important that fans and consumers know that proceeds from MAKAVELI BRANDED will go to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation for the completion of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, GA.

Rap News Direct: Well I am glad this is finally a reality. I know a lot of Tupac fans were waiting for this. I'd like to thank you again for your time; I know your real busy getting all this going and please keep us updated.

Rick Edwards: Thanks again for having me. I would also like to thank the fans in advance for there continued support and playing such a significant role in keeping Tupac’s Legacy Alive.

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