Ray Love Gives Some Insight To Tupac     

Ray Love
Posted by Robert
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11/6/2003 12:23:48 PM
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Ray Love Gives Some Insight To Tupac
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The San Francisco Bay View has just put up an interview with Ray Love. Here is a lil piece of it. *Click the source tab to read the entire interview. This is pt.2, but you can find the rest there to. This is good.

JR: Why is it important to know yourself and love yourself?

Ray Luv: Man, cuzin, because we have a lot of problems in our community. And one of which when I was growing up, I remember a time period when light skinned niggaz with curls was what was cool, so if you was dark skinned, you didn’t appreciate being dark skinned. And then it went through a phase where light skinned cats weren’t cool, because they weren’t pure enough or whatever, eventhough we’re all mixed with everything.

I guess that is what Amerikkka’s always been about, feel me? In all of that we lost something. We got the wrong pictures from our role models, like (Mall) was talking about NWA. NWA was very political and didn’t mean to be political per se, but they was though because what they were touching on were things that you had never heard before.

When nobody gave a fuck about what was happening in the streets, they put it in your face. They made your kids love it to the point where you had to look, like, “Damn, something is going on,” just like with the Pac thing. Everything worthwhile is a movement and THUGLIFE was a movement that I felt like Pac died too young before people got to understand where it was coming from.

JR: What do you mean when you say that it was a movement?

Ray Luv: The Hate U Gave Lil Infants Fucked Everybody (T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.). See, Pac was much more revolutionary than he was gangsta. See, gangsta was something he picked up because he wanted everybody - no matter of how bad of a condition that you were in, whether you was doing life for murder, whether you was selling dope, whether you was pimping hoes, or whatever you was doing - he wanted you to understand that he was a voice for you, you feel me?

But when I knew the dude, in the beginning, his mama, even when she was going through her troubles and her struggles, always taught us to know yourself, study these books, read, be on top of it. Because that is the only way that you can really compete is through your mind, through knowledge, and it’s not even through money, because I know hella dope dealers and pimps and shit with a lot of money that still don’t control their surroundings.

I got crip potnas in LA that put it down on their block, but still don’t own their block. They’re gettin’ money and all of that, but the only way that you can win out here is with your mind, man, through knowledge of self. Once you learn about yourself, then you can understand your place in everything else............

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