Tupac Resurrection Special- A Review     

Posted by Robert
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10/30/2003 10:22:09 PM
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Tupac Resurrection Special- A Review
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I watched the MTV Special on Tupac: Resurrection tonight and I must say----WOW.

Just the 'fresh' sight of Tupac and that boy'ish smile was enough but that was just the start. Hearing and seening Tupac, hearing and seeing other artist speak about him; it was moving.

The comparisons of Tupac to his film characters--from Bishop in Juice, to the character in Poetic Justice we had the hard and the soft sides of Tupac.Tupac was described as a 'No Limit' type dude. With his most complicated role that of being himself.

Some of the artist that spoke about Tupac were touching in themselves. Jada Smith looked as though she had and was crying inbetween takes. Her eyes red and her voice filled with enthusiasm as she reminiscenced about her friend Tupac.

We were reminded how his music reminds us of the social ills and issues. Tupac talked about everything---Honestly. Everybody has taken something from Tupac's existence.

Tupac was compared to other artist who find theirself with icon status. Even 50 Cent said Tupac is our Elvis.

In the mention of his music it was mentioned that Tupac had 7 Top 100 Hits while he was alive; but has had 9 Top 100 Hits since his death. He is the 8th highest earning celeberty this year, according to Forbes Magazine. Ja Rule put it like this " He's still putting foot in ass's from the grave."

The images and the voice of Tupac made you wish for yesterday. To see so much love given to this 'Thug' was very impressive.

I can not wait till this movie 'Tupac:Resurrection' hits. It will be one that will have to be a 'got ta have' when it comes out on DVD.

So as the Tupac : Resurrection special was ending I felt a sense of "Damn, it's over all ready". But to my surprise--Wait it is time now to talk about the soundtrack.

The music is a very important part of this. We seen Shock G, Pharrell, Snoop, Missy, Treach, Mary J, I mean the screen was smoking with promps for Tupac.

There was a great insight to the songs on the soundtrack album. There was Snoop saying that one thing that is wrong is artist doing mixes with Tupac, that Tupac did not like when he was alive, "thats just wrong".

The Black Panther Party was mentioned and the importance Tupac put on that movement. Panther Power being the key to that .

There was the rare Digital Underground clip of 'Same Song', along with many video clips of Tupac. Many showing The Rebel of The Underground himself in action.

The track 'One Day at a Time' was previewed in a snippet. This is a song Tupac never got to finish, but Eminem, thru production finished it off and really made it tight; at least what I heard of it.

It was said that this movie is His Story, told totally in His words, totally His way. And the music is where others get to share in his story.

There were a few things that were not touched on and a few things that were touched on that could have been left out. I don't know if certian things will be touched on in the movie, but it was strange that Eminem, and 50 Cent seemed to have a 'spot' in this. Both talked about how they are compared to Tupac. And there was even more comparing of 50 to Tupac. I could have done with out that.

More important people where not touched on or even mentioned in this special. And you would think they would be an important part to the total picture of Tupac.

The Outlaws were not mentioned , only seen in a very short video clip of 'Hit em Up'. And Suge Knight was not even mentioned. These are two players that I would almost know are in the movie, but they were not in this special. Tupac was at Death Row for about 9 months, and alot of the music we have new is from those days. I just hope that MTV's part is this does not include excluding Death Row as it seems they do now days with any Row artists.

But when it airs again I encourage everyone to watch it. It just makes you feel sad. Sad that
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