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9/27/2003 8:19:40 PM
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DJ Warrior To Drop 2Pac Forever The Mixtape
Production by Battlecat and officially sponsored by Makaveli Branded Clothing Line and Afeni Shakur. This is NOT a Death Row release, it's through Afeni. The mixtape will have pieces of 2Pac's very last, never before heard, in depth interview.
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With all the 2Pac mix tapes out now, I know the last thing you think is news is a 2Pac mixtape. This one is suppose to be different. Well as you will see it turned out to be different in deed. From the artist who helped out and are featured, to DJ Warrior who has invested much time and effort into it. Read what he had to say and leave some feedback.

Rap News Direct: Thanks for taking some time for us.

DJ Warrior: How u doing ?

Rap News Direct: So can you fill us in and give us a little info and insight on your new 2Pac mixtape?

DJ Warrior: Well, this 2Pac tape was planned last year to drop on Sept. 13th by dj warrior /dj hideo and crooked I., but last year I had some personal issues with things so I couldnt concentrate.. So this year came around , we were like yo.. us being from L.A. we gotta do somehing for 2pac.. ya we decided that we would make 2 mixtapes for him pt.1 and pt.2... and drop it on and Sept.13th pt 2... So everything was all good..So around June I started working hard on the mixtape, getting the finishing touches and all.

Rap News Direct: So you been working on this since June?

DJ Warrior: Naw not really, we have been thinking on this for awhile now.Well I had to think who I would have on the tape.. how am I going to do that, just was jotting all basics together.. when I had a call to go to a tour.. for the whole summer.. so it pushed my 2Pac mixtape back... I remember I had told a couple of people that I was working on a 2Pac mixtape.. So, my fellow DJ Vlad put up a post on line,, there u go.. whole bunch 2pac mixtapes started coming.. out. and then Vlad was doing one to; which is all cool , he is my good friend .

Rap News Direct: When did your tour end?

DJ Warrior: I got back from the tour.. end of aug..,2003 and since then I just have been working on that..

Rap News Direct: Can you tell us who all you got involved in this project with you?

DJ Warrior: This has alot of people involved with it.. first of all Mopreme Shakur, Crooked I , Battle Cat , Rated R(Thug Life) plus Onyx.. I mean more features we have, but this mixtape has a real 2Pac affiiliation..and the title sponsor is 'Makaveli Branded' which is 2Pac's clothing line..

Rap News Direct: Who else is featured on this project?

DJ Warrior: I have Bravehearts, Diplomats, Sticky Fingaz, Roscoe, Kurupt, Sly Boogy , Benzino, CNN.. etc. with verses with 2Pac on this mixtape.. I just can't wait till I can drop it.

Rap News Direct: Man this sounds like you got the right talent behind ya, and a good sponser with the new 'Makaveli Branded' clothing line. So when can we look for this.?

DJ Warrior: I'm almost done.. . I mean this was planned years ago .. and we had put alot of effort in it.. If you are going to do a 2Pac mixtapes gotta have some sort of real 2Pac affiliation.. People in L.A. are really funny about things like dat.. This is a revolution, not a mixtape

Rap News Direct: Well when can we look for the project to be released?

DJ Warrior: The mixtape will be released to the streets.. on Oct. 12th, 2003..

Rap News Direct: Well thanks for the time and we will be watching for this project and wish you well with it. Sounds like it is going ta be a mix everybody will be looking for.

DJ Warrior: No problem, thanks, later.

*This mixtape is a tribute to 2Pac and his legacy. DJ WARRIOR (LOS ANGELES MIXTAPE KING), DJ HIDEO & RAP ARTIST CROOKED I (THA ROW) came together to do this. Sounds like all the right people are here; so keep an eye out for this one. And as it gets closer to dropping, we'll let ya know about where you can get hooked up with it.



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