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9/17/2003 9:22:58 AM
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Transcript of Young Noble on DJ Sickamore
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Here is a transcript of what Young Noble had to say about the DJ Sickamore recently released a mixtape with a freestyle labeled "2Pac Freestyle - Is He Back?? U Gotta Hear It To Believe!!" on it. Young Noble released a statement regarding the track on the official Outlaw Recordz website:

Yo, yo, hold up. Sickamore, man, turn that shit the fuck off, dog. You can't be serious, man. It's your boy Young Noble, Outlawz, official Makaveli-trained soldier, man. Let me tell you dumb motherfuckers something, man. Y'all thought that was Pac? Man, that ain't Pac. That's a motherfucking fake, a phoney, a fucking imitation of Pac, man. This nigga's a Pac impersonator. Like Elvis got impersonators, this nigga's a fucking Pac impersonator, man. That nigga don't got the nuts, the heart, the spirit, the intelligence, the fire, nothing, man. The nigga can never be Pac.

The funny shit is, though, I ain't even mad. This shit is like sad, that a grown man wanna be like Pac that fucking bad. It's like come on, man. Niggas is like fucking obsessed with Pac. I mean, come on, man. This shit is like a fucking Pac decease or something. What the fuck is going on here, man? I'm saying, but the funny shit, though, this nigga probably copied Pac so fucking much that he don't even know who the fuck he is, you feel me? This nigga won’t even say his own name on the motherfucking song, won't even represent his own God damn self, so he can't be proud of disrespecting Pac like that, man. This shit is like fucking pitiful, you feel me?

I've got a pretty good idea of who the fuck it is, too. But I ain't even gonna say the nigga's name; he won’t even say his own motherfucking name. I ain't giving this nigga no fucking representation, some type of recognition or something. Man, fuck that. But on the real, man. Young Noble, Outlawz, this shit is… this shit is disrespectful, man. Let Pac rest in peace. I know you niggas love Pac, I know you niggas love his style; [you] know what I mean? But there'll never be another Pac, man. Pac was the only nigga that did it and he was the realest nigga in the game, you feel me?

Hold on, hold on, hold on. This nigga got the nerve to fucking dis Ja Rule, man. How the fuck you gone dis Ja Rule? I mean, at least Ja Rule show respect to Pac. At least he gives it up to Pac like, "I respect the nigga, I looked up to him." You know what I mean? This nigga just down right just copying a nigga and shit, you know what I mean? The streets don't respect that. Real niggas don't respect that. Be original, be your motherfucking self, you feel me?

Sickamore, this is Young Noble, Outlawz. One love, nigga. [If] you get some more tapes like that in the mail or them motherfucking imposters. Don't give them motherfuckers love on your mixtape. That shit is for the fucking burbs, man. Outlaw for life, man. Makaveli lives on, you feel me? Kadafi lives on, nigga. You know what I mean? You niggas wanna hear some real shit, some authentic shit? Bump this new Outlawz shit, man. New album coming soon, nigga. Outlaw for life, motherfuckers.

The freestyle has been proven to be done by Tha Realest. It's not even a real freestyle, but a track called "Check Out My Melody" which features Wack Deuce, and was released on Tha Realest's website some time ago.

Source: OutlawRecordz.Net

Head over to OutlawRecordz.Net  and download this and the new Outlawz cut.

Thanks to for the transcript.

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