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9/13/2003 5:28:17 PM
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Daz Claims He Never Called Afeni a Bitch
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Raptism recently interviewed Daz. In the interview, he claims he never called Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, a bitch. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Raptism: A lot of people don't realize that you produced a lot of Tupac's All Eyez On Me album. What are your thoughts on the recent releases from his estate?
Daz: They don't like me right now. I've got the Outlawz, Young Noble - he's talking shit about me. You know I like it 'cause it let's me know that I'm on their mind, you know? You know, I've got songs. I'ma keep them and uh, and then make a deal. They can turn me into what they wanna turn me into, but I've got a great line of respect for his mom. A lot of people think I called her a bitch, but I didn't call her no bitch. I would never disrespect his momma like that and uh... but I call the rest of them motherfuckers around them a bitch and uh, Young Noble, you're gonna see me one. Get in that ass [laughs].

You obviously had a pretty good working relationship with Pac. Tell us about that.
Yeah, I was the producer, you know what I mean? I was the producer and he came to me every morning to get tracks, you know? We're Geminis. We just keep it cracking like that and the same thing with the Outlawz, same thing.
Since Daz failed to remember him calling Afeni Shakur a bitch, we thought we'd help him remember. The following is an excerpt from an interview with Daz by Um-Dumpin.cjb.net from October 2002:

Um-Dumpin.cjb.net: You said that Afeni bought Tupac's verses and is planning on putting them on Tupac's new album. Are your verses going to be on the new Tupac album also?
Daz: Naw, Afeni didn't buy my verses. My shit is too gangsta for her ass. Only way one of my verses is gonna be on the Pac album is if Suge take one of my old verses out of the vault and add his wack-ass production to it.

What's your feelings on Afeni?
No disrespect to Tupac in what I say, but Afeni is a trick. She's a greedy bitch that's fucking up her son's name by dropping cheap remixes. I don't see any motherfucker trying to remix Dogg Food, Doggystyle or The Chronic. Only peeps that would dare to do that are the peeps that fucked with them albums. Afeni's getting some $2 producers to work on million dollar tracks.
The interview was confirmed to be real by the webmaster of Daz's official website, DPGRecordz.net.
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