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Posted by Robert
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7/31/2003 11:47:19 PM
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Young Noble makes his last reply towards Daz
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First off I want to say this is my LAST reply to Daz, cause I see what he wanna do. He wanna turn this into a media extravaganzaI think he a publicity hoe tryna sell those garbage ass albums he been trying to put out. I already said what I wanna do... I wanna fight ONE on ONE... cause all this internet Gangsta shit is trash... it definately ain't No gangsta shit. I don't wanna rap, I dont wanna make it a media circus, I want the fair one. It's that simple. That's the problem with rappers nowadays, they wanna pop shit and bring anybody they could into some bullshit when it's they problem. He wanna get his homeboyz and all my homeboyz all rolled up, FUCK THAT... let's settle this me and you and this shit could be over real quick. He call his self a gangsta, and I dont see it. I dont claim to be a gangsta, and we aint BLOODS.... WE OUTLAWZ! The real gangstaz dont talk shit on the internet, they handle they business. To me this shit ain't that deep... it's all about RESPECT... and he been disrespecting Pac. We ain't say shit about Daz, we been chilling. He called Pac mom a bitch, he was BROKE when he met JT.... and JT taught him the independent game and saved his fuckin life. And this nigga lost his mind tryna put out Pac music with all these wack ass Daz verses. Then he talk about Pac gave Sam Sneed cancer and all this crackhead shit. Talkin' about we ain't street... picture that?!? We got more street creditbility then he do. He wanna make it bigger then it is, when me and him can just fight and the shit could be over with. Talkin' about I want stripes off him, and I ain't heard of him doing shit. He need to stop tryna get stripes and money off Pac. He know damn well Pac would've never did a album with him. Pac gave his ass the name Dillinger, and this is how he disgrace that man after his death. I ain't no big ass muscle nigga you should be scared of, but I ain't scared to get my ass whooped either. See that is the difference between me and you, I keep heat with me everyday, so I ain't worried about NOBODY when it comes to protecting life. But it ain't about all that... I STILL dont got NO HATE in my HEART towards Daz... I'm just tryna handle this like a man, cause shit could get ugly over some bullshit. We need to handle this, me and you, anywhere you wanna meet at, I'll be there. I aint saying nothing else about you. So just keep talking about us in ya interviews and keep promoting us and our new album, cause that's all you do is run yo mouth like a hoe. I dont got time for that shit. He gon' fuck around and have the Hip-Hop police watching us with this crackhead shit. So let's handle this like men, and if you dont wanna do that then shut the fuck up. Point blank, this ain't a game. And as far as I'm concerned it AINT NO BEEF.... I just want a ONE on ONE... That simple! We always had love and respect for Tha Pound, but Daz is at a all-time low.

Picture the shoes on the other foot... if something happened to Snoop and we stole Snoops songs from Death Row and put out a Outlawz & Snoop album, tryna take food out of Snoop families' mouth and talk shit about Snoop at the same time... niggaz would be looking at us like the Outlawz fell off... like we crackheads. That's exactly how Daz is acting now. I thought he was real then that. I see he has NO G-Code, respect, or honor for NOBODY... not even his self. Talkin' about he had love for Pac, but all I see is disrecpect. This shit ain't about no money, or nothing worth get lock'd up or killed for, just a nigga talkin' shit. But Daz be a man for once, and holla and let's get this bullshit over with man to man. Cause we aint got time for the bullshit. I'm sure he do, but we don't. This shit ain't no game to me, niggaz is dyin' in these streets. We lost PAC and KADAFI, so niggaz better know we protect ourselves by any means necessary. Bottom line is... why go to war when you can settle it one on one. Niggaz got cases and families to take of. My niggaz and his niggaz... all the
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