Young Noble speaks on Daz Dillinger      

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7/24/2003 7:44:36 AM
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Young Noble speaks on Daz Dillinger
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The following is an expert from a Young Noble interview done for the Outlawz official site at

"First off I want to address the Daz situation and let the fans know the real business. I tried to reach out to Daz about 2 months ago, when he was talkin shit about chopping off the Outlawz head and all that bullshit. Daz has already been on some bullshit by releasing "Makaveli & Dillinger". He THOUGHT he was disrespecting SUGE KNIGHT, but he was really disrespecting TUPAC!

I called Daz's main man, and told the guy that I wanted to holla at Daz because he was talking shit and told the nigga to have Daz meet me somewhere so we can fight one on one. But that niggaz Daz never hollered back. I KNOW he got the message cause a white guy called me back the next day and said Daz ain't trippin' and he is cool.

Daz talks all that gangsta shit, but when we tried to reach out to the nigga, he didn't holla back. We gonna holla at Daz when we see him. The Outlawz be letting a lot of shit slide sometimes, but we about to STOP DOING THAT! We about to let niggaz know the deal. This nigga DAZ acting like '007'! Tell Daz to STOP acting like 007 and call a nigga back! I hollered at Daz on some personal shit... fuck all that rap beef shit. This aint no stranger we talkin about... we KNOW Daz.... we had love for Daz.. and it aint like he didn't get the message cause the white guy called back the next day!

Basically I wanted to let the fanz know, niggaz be talkin' all that Gangsta shit, but don't really wanna do nothing! Fuck all that rap-war-beef... that shit is corny as fuck. If we gotta diss niggaz, then we gon' do it! Just let Daz know we ain't fuckin SLEEP! We reppin' Pac to the fullest... Daz been gettin' out of line. Niggaz ain't as gangsta as they claim to be. Anybody can talk shit in a interview, but if you a real man, then let's fight. If you get yo ass whooped.. then you get yo ass whooped!"

Daz Dillinger
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