Chino XL Talks About His Beef With 2Pac      

Chino XL
By Paul Russell
4/23/2003 6:41:19 PM
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Chino XL Talks About His Beef With 2Pac
One of '2Pac's former enemies, who Pac mentioned on the song 'Hit Em' Up', speaks on their beef.
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What do you think of beef in Hip-Hop in general? I know there was some tension between you about 2Pac, is beef good or bad for Hip-Hop?

Well I’ve never had beef. Like with 2Pac it was nothing personal from my end. I didn’t have a problem with him you know. In my neighborhood if you got beef with somebody son, you go to the Super Market and you might get fucked up. It was never like that. Personally, I wasn't trying to go there with him. It was just some lyric shxt to me, so it was never nothing like that. But as far as beef in general, I don’t think battling is bad for the art form, it’s kinda where it came from. Hip-Hop, as you know, basically was born in the South Bronx and it was from a gang called the “Black Spades”, which became the “Spades”, that then became the “Zulu Nation”. Afrika Bambaataa said "We’re gonna battle rhyming, we’re gonna battle breaking, we’re gonna use our art to compete with one another. So it stopped all the gang shit that was going on in the South Bronx at the time. It’s a way to get angst out, I mean you rhyming all your frustration against the person. It’s competitive nature , people are competitive. Like Peacocks try to have the best colors against one another. But when you have people who can’t rhyme, and have to resort to “I’mma kill this person, and I’mma beat the shxt outta you” because they just can’t rhyme, I think that’s bad. So, if people can’t battle rhyme, I don’t think they should even get into it. Cause you don’t need to be sitting somewhere trying to have a good function, and MF’s start fighting and shooting. It’s ridiculous, I mean you got millionaires arguing, what the fuck you arguing about?

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