Trick Daddy Balls Out With 2Pac     

Trick Daddy
By Paul Russell
4/4/2003 5:47:36 PM
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Trick Daddy Balls Out With 2Pac
'Trick Daddy' who features on '2Pac's latest album "Better Dayz", shares his views on the G.O.A.T. 2Pac.
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Tupac's latest posthumous album Better Dayz has been certified platinum and has serviced its second single, "Still Ballin'," to radio. Trick Daddy, who is featured on the track, spoke on Pac's impact and getting to collaborate with his late idol. "Tupac was the greatest, he was one of the first who came out and stood for the problems and the struggles. He talked about his problems, those of the country and as a minority and he showed us different ways to deal with that."

Trick, who has been representing Pac's "Thug Life" mentality since his '97 debut Based On A True Story, also added, "When they ask me is Tupac dead, I tell them he is alive 'cause thug life is forever…it's a way of life… as long as you got people still representing it to the fullest, Pac will always be alive."

Trick is also working on his sixth album scheduled to hit this summer, called 'Mister'.

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