2Pac & Outlawz - Y'all Don't Know Us     
Album Still I Rise
Released December 21, 1999
Label Interscope
Song Y'all Don't Know Us
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Artist: 2Pac + Outlawz
Album: Still I Rise
Song: Y'all Don't Know Us
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(Young Noble)
Yo, I can see
That you obviously don't know me or my homies
We O-U-T Lawz, fuck the phonies
A wise hustler once told me, it's on you
Though it was dreams when he first told me Now it's true
I got love for you only to a certain exstend
Niggas ain't worth shit
Cops and ride dick permits
I heard this and heard that
About them O-U-T Lawz
Some of them soldiers got shot
Some of them soldiers fell off
Fuck yall now everybody tied to us
Hollering out a nigga name
But never said what up
That shit critical, dispicable, unforgiveable
I too like Hot ??
Your own fan won't remember you
Thuggin but we still spriutual, clear lyrical
I'm like the fuckin Deff Squad
My ears ain't hearin' yall
Pump fearin' yall
But damn I ain't even wantin' to scare yall
Listen to what I tell yall
Fuck the world,
Your baby moms and your baby girl
You muthafuckas so fake,
Yo they made me wanna earl
Blake, hate snakes thug hatin the degree
Outlawz on a paper chase
Can you relate thug niggaz

(Napoleon Chorus)
We will never fall
Thru it all, we'll always stand tall
Cause in the end we'll be remembered as some young muthafucka soldiers
And if you believe in that shit that you heard
Y'all dont know us, y'all dont know us

Now I been trapped down
And fucked since day one
This industructional style of mine ain't no fun
Where I'm from
You sure to see about 10 niggaz in a bedroom
Eating off the same spoon
Sweeping with the same broom
It's hazard, it's you don't want yo life
Well give me grab it
I was born inside a love zone
With a glock-nine young marriage
It's critical
Then one of them sat down living so
Mystikal and empoious
With a heart full of anger it's so redicilous
So give me some with 21-gun soldier salute
With a 19-inch black handle snake knife in my boots
I'm straight from the strong, thug to your life
Right to yo wrong, I'll put the good to your evil
I'm the shells to your chrome, you dig that?
I'm life, I'll bring the moon to your night
I'll put the dick to your wife
And I'm the Jesuz of your Christ
You dig that? respect this
I'll bring the end to your claw
I'll bring the loc to your heart
And I'll put the snoop on yo dogs
You hear me?
We follow, this little bullet so hollow
I can promise that estacy ain't promised tomorrow
With this two man mades
Me and my soul death astrayed
I watch my parents get blowed away
Now look what it made
I'm something to face
This ludacy then with me, then with chemistry
Got my eyes on you, the first time you cross me
I'll be frying you, cause y'all don't know me

(Young Noble Chorus)
We will never fall
Thru the war, we'll always stand tall (Why)
Cause in the end we'll be remembered as some young muthafucka soldiers

When we was kids, the loving felt good
But of course have the respect
Though it's even better
Now for this chedder
Niggaz is laying deader
Then Malcom and Martin put together
Oh Lord only knows where we'll end up
Remember what Pac said
Watch the fuckin signs
But we wasn't listening
Too busy trippin off his shine
Now one time for my muthafuckin' Outlawz
Napoleon, Noble, and Kastro
May we all roll
And if you don't know
We got the rap game petro
Scared cause we bout to release
Like heavy metal
Nationwide, underground
We running the ghettos
Stealing all of ya fan base like we kleptos
Bitch I can't let go
I been strugglin' too long, thuggin' too long
And niggaz is stealing my shit
And busting it wrong
Hot shots holla back when you get 'em
Outlawz'll sic 'em, bustin back at the system
Military wisdom
Preparing myself for armegeddom
Breaking my balls at this game
Knowing it's a dead end
And my only weapon
Is my believe that I'm superior
Yeah we the muthafuckas
That you niggaz is liery off
Controling my steam
Knowing my team to deserve more
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