2Pac - When We Ride On Our Enemies     
Album Better Dayz
Released November 26, 2002
Label Interscope Records
Song When We Ride On Our Enemies
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Fugees and Mobb Deep trying to diss now to huh
Well I ain't prejudice, I don't give a fuck

This is what it sounds like
When we ride on our Enemies
When we ride on our Enemies

[Verse 1]

Got some static with some niggas on the other side of town
Let my little cousin K roll
He's a rider now
What they want from us mothafucken thug niggas
Used to love niggas, now I plug niggas
It's slug niggas
Am I wrong?
Niggas making songs, trying to get with us
Must be gone off stress weed, in the west we trust
To the chest I bust
Then we ride to the sun come, shining back to brighten up the sky
How many die?
Heard the Fugee was trying to do me
Look bitch I cut your face, this ain't no mothafucken movie
We watch the other two die slow
Castrated entertaining at my mothafucken side show
Bounce and I'm planning mo'
Time to exterminate my foes
I can't stand you hoes
Now label this my fucking trick shot
My lyrics running all you cowards out of hip-hop
When we ride, on our Enemies


When we ride on our Enemies
I bet you mothafuckas die
When we ride
On our Enemies
When we ride on our Enemies
Bet all you mothafuckas die
When we ride
On our Enemies

[Verse 2]

Come take a journey through my minds eye
You cross the game, don't explain nigga
Time to die
Say good bye
Watch my eyes when I pull the trigger
So right before you die you bow before a bigger nigga
Now dry your eyes
You was heartless on your hits
Niggas love to scream peace after they start some shit
Pay attention here's a word to those that robbed me
I'll murder you
Then I, run a train on Mobb Deep
Don't fuck with me
Nigga you barely living
Don't you got sickle cell
See me and have seizure on stage
You ain't feeling well
How many niggas want to be involved?
See I was only talking to Biggie
But I'll kill all of ya'll
Then ball
Then tell the Brat to keep her mouth closed
Fuck around and get tossed up
By the fucken Outlawz
Before I leave make sure everybody heard
Know I meant every mothafucken word
When we ride, on our Enemies


When we ride on our Enemies
Make sure everybody die
When we ride
On our Enemies
When we ride on our Enemies
(heh heh)
I'll make sure everybody dies
When we ride
On our Enemies
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